EAMCET 2013 Counselling, Certificate Verification Dates

AP EAMCET 2013 Counselling, Certificate Verification Dates

Did you know ? Its all over about EAMCET Counseling Controversy. Court give orders to APSCHE EAMCET Authorities to immediately conduct EAMCET 2013 Counselling. As per court orders EAMCET 2013 is running quickly towards Web Counselling. As a part in this, Officials already announced EAMCET Counselling Schedule for both EAMCET Web Counselling and EAMCET Certificate Verification. We have provided the same EAMCET 2013 Counselling Schedule below for your Reference.

EAMCET Counselling Dates 2013

EAMCET Counselling Dates 2013

EAMCET 2013 Counselling Dates (Option Entry Dates)

  • From Rank 1 to 40000 – on 22nd, 23rd August 2013.
  • From Rank 40001 to 80000 – on 24th, 25th August 2013.
  • From Rank 80001 to 120000 – on 26th, 27th August 2013.
  • From Rank 120001 to 160000 – on 28th, 29th August 2013.
  • From Rank 160001 to 200000 – on 30th, 31st August 2013.
  • For all who got more than 200001 – on 31st August and 1st September 2013.

EAMCET 2013 Certificate Verification Dates

  • From Rank 1 to15000 – 19th August 2013 (19.08.2013)
  • From Rank 15001 to 30000 – 20th August 2013 (20.08.2013)
  • From Rank 30001 to 45000 – 21st August 2013 (21.08.2013)
  • From Rank 45001 to 60000 – 22nd August 2013 (22.08.2013)
  • From Rank 60001 to80000 – 23rd August 2013 (23.08.2013)
  • From Rank 80001 to 100000 – 24th August 2013 (24.08.2013)
  • From Rank 100001 to 120000 – 25th August 2013 (25.08.2013)
  • From Rank 120001 to140000 – 26th August 2013 (26.08.2013)
  • From Rank 140001 to 160000 – 27th August 2013 (27.08.2013)
  • From Rank 160001 to 180000 – 28th August 2013 (28.08.2013)
  • From Rank 180001 to 200000 – 29th August 2013 (29.08.2013)
  • From Rank 200001 to 999999 – 30th August 2013 (30.08.2013)

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19th August 2013
EAMCET 2013 Counselling, Certificate Verification

EAMCET Original Rank Card 2013 Download

EAMCET Rank Card is one of the Document that you have to provide at EAMCET Certificate Verification Process. Till now no Student got his Original EAMCET 2013 Rank Card. All they have is an EAMCET Result Page containing his EAMCET 2013 Rank. Actually its not EAMCET Rank Card. Soon, in a week or two, Original EAMCET Rank Cards will be placed in online on EAMCET Official website – apeamcet.org.

EAMCET 2013 Rank Card Original Download

EAMCET 2013 Original Rank Card Download

Download EAMCET 2013 Rank Card for EAMCET Certificate Verification

To Download your Original EAMCET Rank Card, follow the steps below.

  • Go to EAMCET official website – www.apeamcet.org
  • Click on EAMCET Rank Card Download
  • Enter your EAMCET Hall Ticket Number and Date of Birth
  • Type Security Code and Hit `Enter`

There you can simply Download your Original EAMCET 2013 Rank Card from EAMCET Official Website.



EAMCET 2013 Processing Fee Details

Every EAMCET 2013 Qualified student who are going to attend EAMCET Certificate Verification need to Pay this Processing Fee. This Fee Structure changes based on the cast which that students belongs to. if you belongs to OC or BC Cast then you should pay Rs.600 as EAMCET 2013 Processing Fee. If you belongs to SC or ST Casts then you need to pay Rs.300 as Processing Fee.

EAMCET 2013 Processing Fee Details

EAMCET 2013 Processing Fee Details

EAMCET Processing Fee Structure for OC, BC, SC, ST Casts.

  • OC/BC Students – Rs.600
  • SC/ST Students – Rs.300

EAMCET 2013 Web Counselling

Andhra Pradesh EAMCET 2013 Web Counselling at  www.apeamcet.nic.in

Hyderabad: After many problems. Finally EAMCET 2013 Web Counselling Notification is Released. From past 2 months its an head each to all EAMCET 2013 qualifies students. Its over with this announcement. APSCHE is mobile fastly towards EAMCET 2013 Web Counselling. According to APSCHE EAMCET 2013 Counselling Schedule, Web Counselling should start on 22nd September and ends on 23 September 2013.

APSCHE made all arrangements to move EAMCET Web Counselling 2013 Smoothly without any Change/Problem.

EAMCET Web Counselling - apeamcet.nic.in

EAMCET Web Counselling – apeamcet.nic.in

EAMCET 2013 Web Counselling Dates

EAMCET 2013 Certificate Verification Process :

  • EAMCET Certificate Starts from -  19.08.2013
  • EAMCET Certificate Starts from -  30.08.2013

 EAMCET Web Counselling Option Entry:

  • EAMCET Counselling Option Entry Process Starts from – 22.08.2013
  • EAMCET Counselling Option Entry Process Starts from – 01.09.2013

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AP EAMCET 2013 Counselling Updates

Andhra Pradesh Government started moving their steps to move forward regarding EAMCET 2013 Counselling. After a lot of problems Web Counselling, NEET, High Court finally ordered AP Educational Authorities to Start EAMCET Counselling Immediately. According to Court Orders APSCHE is moving their steps forward to Conduct EAMCET Counselling 2013. APSCHE Already Released a Schedule for EAMCET 2013 and according to that Schedule EAMCET Web Counselling Notification is already published. But Still many students have many doubts regarding EAMCET 2013. This www.apeamcet.nic.in website is to clarify those Doubts. If you have any, then simply write your doubt to us.



AP EAMCET 2013 Updates

  • EAMCET 2013 Notification – Released (Download)
  • AP EAMCET Web Counselling – (Started)
  • EAMCET 2013 Web Entries – (Not Started)
  • EAMCET Certificate Verification – (Not Started)
  • EAMCET Seat Allotment Orders – (Not Started)
  • Collages Starts on – (No Details)

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